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IF stands for - Internal Focus

There may be one or more meaning of IF , so check all meanings of IF in the IF data table all one by one.

What is IF Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of IF in Hinid is आंतरिक फोकस

All IF Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
IFInglis FoundationOrganization
IFInternal FocusPhotography
IFIntelligence FusionMilitary
IFIgbal FoundationOrganization
IFIraqi FreedomMilitary and Defence
IFinstrument flyingGovernment
IFImaging FoundationOrganization
IFIt's For ....Internet Slang
IFIsaac FoundationOrganization
IFInstruction FetchComputer Assembly
IFInstitute of FundraisingOrganization
IFInterfaith FundersOrganization
IFConditional Statement (if, Then, Else)Computer Assembly Language
IFIn FactOther
IFIntrinsic FieldPhysics Related
IFIntegration FacilitySpace Science
IFIndex FileComputing
IFIntegra FoundationOrganization
IFIsolation FiltersComputer and Networking
IFIslamic FinanceOrganization
IFInformation ForagerBusiness Position
IFInput FileComputing
IFImpact FoundationOrganization
IFIxtatán FoundationOrganization
IFInformed FamiliesEducation
IFIntermediate FilamentElectronics
IFInventing The FutureBusiness
IFInput FilterElectronics
IFInspire FoundationOrganization
IFInternally FocusedBusiness
IFAberdeen Indonesia Fund, Inc.NASDAQ Symbol
IFIntelligent FinanceAccounting
IFindustrial fundGovernment
IFIntermediate frequencyElectronics
IFInertial FusionSpace Science
IFIndex FoundationOrganization
IFIndustrial FlatBusiness
IFInverse FourierMaths
IFInteractive FictionInternet
IFImelda FoundationOrganization
IFIbteda FoundationOrganization
IFIndonesia FundNYSE Symbol
IFInternal FocusingBusiness
IFIntermediate FixTransportation
IFInterest FactorMedia
IFInterrupt FlagComputing
IFInternational FederationNon-Profit Organization
IFIsolation FunctionComputer and Networking
IFIndependent FilmMedia
IFIt's ForInternet Slang
IFIncorrigible FlirtFunny
IFInternational FallsOther
IFIgnite FoundationOrganization
IFInstituto FleniMedical
IFIndividually FundedUS Government
IFIkeoha FoundationOrganization
IFImpact FactorBusiness
IFIneedaprayer FoundationOrganization

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