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IMA stands for - Information Management Area in Military

There may be one or more meaning of IMA , so check all meanings of IMA in the IMA data table all one by one.

What is IMA Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of IMA in Hinid is सूचना प्रबंधन क्षेत्र

All IMA Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
IMA Information Management Area Military
IMA Integrated Motor Assist Telecom
IMA Independent Mortgage Advisors Stock Exchange
IMA Institute of Management Accountants Accounting
IMA Institute for Mediterranean Affairs Organization
IMA Intelligent Machine Architecture Computer Hardware
IMA Interactive Multimedia Association Electronics
IMA individual mobilization augment Government
IMA International Military Antiques Other
IMA Improved My Average University
IMA Ideal Mechanical Advantage Physics Related
IMA intermediate maintenance activity Government
IMA Winimage Graphics File Type
IMA Investment Management Association Business Firm
IMA Inverse Multiplexing for Atm (asynchronous Transmission Mode) Telecommunication
IMA Institute of Mathematics And Maths
IMA Interplanetary Magic Association Funny
IMA Institute of Marine Affairs Ocean Science
IMA Indian Military Academy Misc
IMA Mirage Vector Graphics ( Ego - Chart - Autumn) File Type
IMA The Institute Of Management Accountants French
IMA Investment Management Agreement Accounts and Finance
IMA Ignition Modulator Assembly Military and Defence
IMA Important Millennium Achievers Business Firm
IMA independent medical assessor Government
IMA Internal Medicine Associates Medical
IMA International Multimedia Association AMEX Symbol
IMA Internet Medical Association Organization
IMA I Might Add Internet Slang
IMA Iamalele Airport Code
IMA Iwate Museum of Art Other
IMA Indian Medical Association British Medicine
IMA Intelligent Maintenance Aid Military
IMA Individual Mobilization Augmentee Transportation
IMA Indore Management Association Professional Organizations
IMA Instituto María Auxiliadora Guatemalan
IMA information management architecture Government
IMA Institute of Mathematics and its Applications University
IMA Independent Music Awards Other
IMA Indianapolis Museum of Art Other
IMA information mission area Government
IMA Institute of Management Accountants (usa) Accounts and Finance
IMA International Media Associates Business Firm
IMA Interim Measures Agreement US Government
IMA Installation Management Agency Military
IMA Information Management Associates Business Firm
IMA Internal Models Approach Banking
IMA Institute for Mathematics and its Applications Human Genome
IMA Irish Medical Association British Medicine
IMA Integrated Methodological Approach Business
IMA Inverse Multiplexing For Atm Computer Networking
IMA Mirage vector graphics (EGO - Chart - Autumn) File Extension
IMA Interchurch Medical Assistance Religious

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