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IPL stands for - Pantone Spot reference palette file (CorelDraw)

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What is IPL Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of IPL in Hinid is पैनटोन स्पॉट संदर्भ पैलेट फ़ाइल (Coreldraw)

All IPL Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
IPL Pantone Spot reference palette file (CorelDraw) File Extension
IPL Indian Panga League Sports
IPL El Centro/ Imperial Regional Airport Code
IPL California USA Computer Assembly
IPL Initial Primary Loader Indian Railway Station
IPL IDAPLLI Space Science
IPL Indentured Parts List Education
IPL Individualized Paths To Learning Sports
IPL Indian Players League Airport Code
IPL Imperial (ca) Organization
IPL Instituto del Progreso Latino Other
IPL Interoperable PDK Libraries Law
IPL Intellectual Property law University
IPL Introductory Programming Lab Computing
IPL Intense Pulsed Light Softwares
IPL Integrated Program Loudness Law
IPL Interested Parties List Non-Profit Organization
IPL Immigrant Protective League Computing
IPL Interrupt Priority Level Non-Profit Organization
IPL International Primate Protection League Computer Security
IPL Interim Parts Library Government
IPL information programming language Military and Defence
IPL Imagery Product Library Internet
IPL International Private Line Computing
IPL Information Processing Lamguage Sports
IPL Internet Premier League Other
IPL Infiniti Performance Line Sports
IPL Indian Premier League Electronics
IPL Ion Projection Lithography Toronto Stock Exchange
IPL Inter Pipeline Fund Library
IPL Internet Public Library Computing
IPL Intense Pulse Light Other
IPL Infiniti Performance Line  Military
IPL Interim Parts List University
IPL Individual Paths Of Learning Government
IPL information processing language Military and Defence
IPL Initial Provisioning List Military
IPL Integrated Priority List Computing
IPL Initial Program Load Regional Airport Code
IPL Imperial Co airport NYSE Symbol
IPL Ipalco Enterprises Laboratory

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