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IRS stands for - Internal Revenue Service in Military

There may be one or more meaning of IRS , so check all meanings of IRS in the IRS data table all one by one.

What is IRS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of IRS in Hinid is आंतरिक राजस्व सेवा

All IRS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
IRS Internal Revenue Service Military
IRS Information Retrieval System Other
IRS installation readiness system Government
IRS Indoor Residual Spraying Real Estate
IRS IRSA Inversiones Y Representaciones S.A. NASDAQ Symbol
IRS Indian Revenue Service Indian Ministry of Finance
IRS Irsa Inversiones y Represent NYSE Symbol
IRS Interactive Retrieval Software Government
IRS inertial reference system Physiology
IRS Insulin Resistance Syndrome File Extension
IRS Resource (WordPerfect) Computing
IRS Interchange Recors Separator Stock Exchange
IRS Interest Rate Swap Astronomy
IRS International Reference Star Physiology
IRS Insulin Receptor Substrate Military and Defence
IRS Information and Reconnaissance Ship Military
IRS Information Reporting System Funny
IRS Improving The Republican Summer Internet Slang
IRS Intimate Relations Schedule Job Title
IRS Institutional Representatives Accounting
IRS Increasing Returns To Scale Funny
IRS Irate Raging Spouse Internet Slang
IRS I'm Really Sexy Internet Slang
IRS I Respect Someone Business
IRS Image Results And Security Funny
IRS Invisible RattleSnakes Electronics
IRS Infrared Spectroscopy Government
IRS interformation requirements study Funny
IRS International Riot Society Popular
IRS It's Really Stealing Medical
IRS Irwin R Scheister SMS
IRS Institut Roland-Saucier Maths
IRS It Really Stinks Business Firm
IRS Inverse Repeated Sequence Military
IRS Information And Referral Services Funny
IRS Interface Requirements Specification Chemistry
IRS Income Revenue Service Transportation
IRS Indoor Residual Spray Computer and Networking
IRS Independent Rear Suspension Earth Science
IRS Intermediate Reference System Airport Code
IRS Indian Remote Sensing Computing
IRS Sturgis (mi) Funny
IRS Intelligent Register System Government
IRS Infernal Revenue Service Military and Defence

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