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IT stands for - insulin therapy

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What is IT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of IT in Hinid is इंसुलिन थेरेपी

All IT Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
IT insulin therapy British Medicine
IT input translator Government
IT Itt Government Supplier
IT instruction technique Government
IT induction therapy British Medicine
IT Is The Texting
IT Information Trickery Computer Security
IT Imagination Technology Business Firm
IT integration testing Government
IT Inhalation Therapy Physiology
IT Interoperability Testing Military
IT Is There Computing
IT inferior temporal British Medicine
IT Iqra Trust Organization
IT intermediate text block Government
IT Intermediate Trunk Computer and Networking
IT Induction Training Military and Defence
IT Instituto Traumatologico Medical
IT Intensive Therapy Physiology
IT International Tour Messaging
IT idiopathic thrombocytopenia Medical
IT immature teratoma British Medicine
IT Isaar Trust Organization
IT Impulse Tracker Music File File Type
IT Is There .... Internet Slang
IT insulating transformer Government
IT interactive tactical team trainer Government
IT industry telephone maintenance Government
IT intention tremor British Medicine
IT Installation Test Space Science
IT International Technology Transfer Panel Government
IT intertrochanteric British Medicine
IT intermediate trainer Government
IT Information transport Countries
IT Italy Physiology
IT Individual therapy Organization
IT Indus Transparency Internet Slang
IT Information Technology British Medicine
IT ischial tuberosity Government
IT item transfer NYSE Symbol
IT Gartner Group Time
IT Gartner Government
IT intrathecal Space Science
IT interrogater-transponder Government
IT Indoor Track Government
IT Identification Transponder Organization
IT Income Tax Military
IT instrument tree Government
IT Ikhala Trust File Type
IT Innovative Tests Computer Software
IT instrument test Organization
IT Intalk Settings File Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode
IT Ice Tea Organization
IT Internews British Medicine
IT Thailand Computing

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