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JB stands for - Justin Beiber in Names and Nicknames

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What is JB Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of JB in Hinid is जस्टिन Beiber

All JB Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
JB Jacques Blancpain Misc
JB Justin Beiber Names and Nicknames
JB Jackson Bishop Business Firm
JB John Boy Names and Nicknames
JB John Blair Other
JB Jet powered bomb Government
JB Just Because Internet Slang
JB Jonathan Burns Popular
JB Jumpstart, Bridgeport Organization
JB Jump If Below Computer Assembly
JB Jet Bomb Military
JB Just Bin Internet Slang
JB Judicial Branch US Government
JB Jazz Bridge Other
JB Jewish Bible Synagogues
JB Joseph Bailey Popular
JB Jail Bird Law
JB Joshua Blessings Organization
JB John Bullard Popular
JB Joint Business Business Firm
JB Just Busted Law
JB Jaw Breaker Food
JB Justin Bieber Popular
JB Jungle Beast Media
JB James Brown Other
JB Jeremy's Bird Funny
JB Juicy Bod Internet Slang
JB Junction Box Military
JB Jennings Bryant Other
JB James Baldwin Popular
JB Jive Bunny Other
JB Jihad Buddy Military and Defence
JB Jimmy Buffett Popular
JB Jail Bait Law
JB Johor Bahru Acedemic & Science
JB Jonas Brothers Music
JB John Belden Popular
JB Johnny Bravo Other
JB James Bond Popular
JB Jacquet-blondel Method Physics Related
JB Jerusalem for Bicycles Organization
JB Jarque-bera Goodness of Fit Test Maths
JB Jeff Beck Other
JB John Boynton Names and Nicknames
JB Jim Blair Popular
JB Jiaozhou Bay Regional
JB Jeb Bush Popular
JB Jens Beckmann Popular

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