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LOL stands for - Loss Of Life

There may be one or more meaning of LOL , so check all meanings of LOL in the LOL data table all one by one.

What is LOL Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of LOL in Hinid is जान गंवाना

All LOL Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
LOL Loss Of Life Meteorology
LOL Lots Of Lizards Funny
LOL Lots of Love Religious
LOL Laughing On Line Messaging
LOL Loser On Liquor Funny
LOL Laugh(ing) Out Loud Internet Chat
LOL Looking Over Liam Internet Slang
LOL Laughing out loud Internet Slang
LOL laugh out loud Funny
LOL Lacking Of Life Gaming
LOL League of Legends Funny
LOL Large Ordinary Lung Non-Profit Organization
LOL Loyal Orange Lodge Airport Code
LOL Lovelock (nv) Measurement Unit
LOL Lots of Length Funny
LOL Loser On Line Internet Slang
LOL Laughing Out Loud Media
LOL Lords Of Legend Space Science
LOL Limit of Liability Food
LOL Land O' Lakes Funny
LOL Life Off Line Internet Slang
LOL Love Of Laughing Community
LOL Loads Of Laundry SMS
LOL Laugh Out Loud Funny
LOL Lightning Over Love Amateur Radio
LOL Lots Of Luck Messaging
LOL Land of Lincoln Funny
LOL Lame Old Loser Networking
LOL Lurking On Line Community
LOL Little Old Lady Government
LOL loss of learning Sports
LOL Lick Our Lumps Government
LOL length of lead Chemistry
LOL Lack of Lanthanum Messaging
LOL Lack of Laughter Internet Slang
LOL Love On Line Internet Slang
LOL Looking On Line Funny
LOL Little of laughness Funny
LOL Lord Of Losers Internet
LOL Living On Line Funny
LOL Love Of Lardbutts Internet Slang
LOL Little Old Ladies Messaging
LOL Love Outdated Laws AMEX Symbol
LOL Lots Of Laugh Funny
LOL Land Of Love Community
LOL Lack Of Love Internet Slang
LOL Laughs Out Loud Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode
LOL Mongo Indian Railway Station
LOL Loads Of Laughs Internet Slang
LOL Lots Of Laughs Internet Slang
LOL Love Of Life Funny
LOL Lots of Laughter Sports
LOL Land Of Legends Internet Slang
LOL Loads Of Love Funny

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