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LPS stands for - LipoPolySaccharide

There may be one or more meaning of LPS , so check all meanings of LPS in the LPS data table all one by one.

What is LPS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of LPS in Hinid is lipopolysaccharide

All LPS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
LPS Large Polyp Scleractinian Physiology
LPS LipoPolySaccharide Human Genome
LPS Littlest Pet Shop Other
LPS Lanterman Petris And Short Business Firm
LPS Lines Per Second Unit of Measurement
LPS large processing stations Government
LPS local processor service Government
LPS Littleton Public Schools Other
LPS low-power Schottky Government
LPS launch processing system Government
LPS Limited Power Source Electronics
LPS Littlest Pet Shop  Other
LPS Lexington Public Schools Other
LPS logistics planning support Government
LPS Large Polyp Stony Oncology
LPS Leadership Other
LPS Luther Preparatory School Other
LPS Laboratory For Planetary Sciences NASA
LPS Liters Per Second Space Science
LPS Little Pink Starfish Veterinary
LPS Latent Print Section Police
LPS Lightweight Portable Security Other
LPS Local Pet Store Business Firm
LPS Linear Power Supply Electronics
LPS Large Polyp Stoneys Physiology
LPS Lopez Island (wa) Airport Code
LPS Lender Processing Services Other
LPS Library Printing Services Community
LPS Lopez Island, Washington USA Regional Airport Code
LPS Launch Processing (processor) System Space Science
LPS Licensed Prevention Specialists Business Position
LPS Lincoln Public Schools Other
LPS loops Government
LPS Linden Planning Systems Business Firm

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