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MS stands for - MaineShare

There may be one or more meaning of MS , so check all meanings of MS in the MS data table all one by one.

What is MS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of MS in Hinid is मेनशारे

All MS Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
MSMilitary StoneMilitary and Defence
MSMission SpecialistNASA
MSmorning sicknessBritish Medicine
MSmarital statusBritish Medicine
MSmaster of sciencesGovernment
MSMilitary Standard (parts Designation)Space Science
MSMitral StenosisMedical
MSMint StateCoin
MSMathematical SciencesAcademic Degree
MSMachine SteelSpace Science
MSMedical ScientistMedical
MSMiddle SchoolEducation
MSMass SpectrometerChemistry
MSmolecular sieveBritish Medicine
MSMultidisciplinary StudiesEducational Degree
MSMississippi StateUniversity
MSMillions ShaftedFunny
MSMagic SumMaths
MSmagnesium sulphateBritish Medicine
MSmechanical stressBritish Medicine
MSMitsui SteamshipMessaging
MSMorphine SulphateChemistry
MSmethysergideBritish Medicine
MSModified ServiceTelecommunication
MSMicroSoftComputer Networking
MSMulti SetMaths
MSMobile StationTelecom
MSmercaptosuccinic acidBritish Medicine
MSmalignant schwannomaBritish Medicine
MSMilli SecondsMeasurement Unit
MSMighty SpecialInternet Slang
MSMuseum of ScienceOrganization
MSMissing SenseComputer Assembly Language
MSmaritime surveillanceGovernment
MSMoral SupportMilitary and Defence
MSMachine ScrewSpace Science
MSMoney SupplyAccounting
MSMercy ShipsNon-Profit Organization
MSmemory systemGovernment
MSManagement ScienceUniversity
MSMessage Switch Ms MillisecondMilitary and Defence
MSMultiple SclerosisPhysiology
MSMatrix ScalarMaths
MSMatys ScriptsSoftwares
MSMaster of ScienceAcademic Degree
MSmessage storeGovernment
MSMad ScientistUniversity
MSmalate synthaseBritish Medicine
MSmain stationGovernment
MSMarketing StrategyBusiness
MSMorgan StanleyNASDAQ Symbol
MSMass StorageHardware
MSMissingFBI File
MSManuscriptInternational Business
MSMissNames and Nicknames
MSmicrosphereBritish Medicine
MSMissing SomethingInternet Slang
MSMating SequenceSpace Science
MSMarket SurveyMilitary and Defence
MSManchester SettlementOrganization
MSMan SystemSpace Science
MSMidtown SurgeryMedical
MSmedical servicesBritish Medicine
MSMinions Of SatanFunny
MSMission StationNASA
MSMartensiteEarth Science
MSManagement SystemsAcademic Degree
MSMirrored ServerNetworking
MSmusculoskeletalBritish Medicine
MSMetro StationMusic
MSMulti StatePhysics Related
MSMean SquaredPhysics Related
MSMicrosoft SystemsBusiness Firm
MSMerchant ServerNetworking
MSMicrophotography StandardPhysics Related
MSMedical Service CorpsGovernment
MSmachine selectionGovernment
MSMarudhara SansthanOrganization
MSMalayRegional 2 Letter LanguageCode
MSmicrosomalBritish Medicine
MSMara SalvatruchaOther
MSMarfan syndromeBritish Medicine
MSMicrosoft Antivirus Report (msav)File Type
MSMaterial SpecificationSpace Science
MSMaterials ScienceNASA
MSMarie StopesOrganization
MSMedica SurMedical
MSMilitary StandardMilitary
MSmedicine and surgeryGovernment
MSmediastinoscopyBritish Medicine
MSMain SequenceAstronomy
MSMicrosoft CorporationComputing
MSMellemfolkeligt SamvirkeOrganization
MSmagnetic storageGovernment
MSmetric systemBritish Medicine
MSMaster SwitchSpace Science
MSMobile SuitMilitary and Defence
MSmolar solutionBritish Medicine
MSminor strokeBritish Medicine
MSMansa SystemsOrganization
MSMicrocomputer SoftwareSoftwares
MSMinisterio de SaludMedical
MSMass SpectroscopyFDA
MSMenkes syndromeBritish Medicine
MSMorphine SulfatePhysiology
MSMagic ShieldFunny
MSmethyl salicylateBritish Medicine
MSMean SalaryJob Title
MSmetabolic syndromeBritish Medicine
MSMass SpectrometryHuman Genome
MSMess SpecialistMilitary
MSMoukou SolutionOrganization
MSManjit SinghOrganization
MSMohd SultanFunny
MSmateriel specificationGovernment
MSmuscle strengthBritish Medicine
MSMaple StoryMedia
MSManagement ServicesComputer and Networking
MSMen's SoccerSports
MSmissenseBritish Medicine
MSMillisecondsPhysics Related
MSMean SquareMathematics
MSmotor shipGovernment
MSmass spectraBritish Medicine
MSmission supportGovernment
MSMeckel syndromeBritish Medicine
MSMultiple SurfaceElectronics
MSMaster SeamanMilitary
MSMurat ShrineOrganization
MSMount ShastaGeology
MSManagement SystemMessaging
MSMedical StudentUniversity
MSCHENNAI EGMOREIndian Railway Station
MSMusa SokoOrganization
MSWorksheet (maple)File Type
MSMaynard SchoolOrganization
MSMartha StewartPopular
MSMultistringSpace Science
MSFormatted Manual Page with Microsoft MacrosFile Type
MSMuch StaminaSports
MSMichael SchumacherPopular
MSMeta StablePhysics Related
MSmessage switchGovernment
MSMild SteelOrganization
MSMission ShantiGovernment
MSmedium shotGovernment
MSmedia/status codeOrganization
MSMolndals StadsbibliotekMathematics
MSMost SignificantComputer Networking
MSMilitary ScienceGovernment
MSmargin of safetyBritish Medicine
MSmethionine synthaseComputer and Networking
MSMode SelectComputer Hardware
MSMemory ScrubbingOrganization
MSMoving in the SpiritGovernment
MSmissile supportHardware
MSMemory StickMilitary and Defence
MSModular SystemBritish Medicine
MSMobilization StationShip Types

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