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ND stands for - No Dolby in Electronics

There may be one or more meaning of ND , so check all meanings of ND in the ND data table all one by one.

What is ND Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ND in Hinid is नो डॉल्बी

All ND Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
ND Nostalgic And Dead Funny
ND No Dolby Electronics
ND No Delay Sports
ND Not Determined Military
ND Nuclear Disarmament Military and Defence
ND Non-dissipative Physics Related
ND Neutron Detector Physics Related
ND Neodymium Chemistry
ND N-dimensional Maths
ND NetDay Organization
ND NSF Message data Indication Computer and Networking
ND normal deployability posture Government
ND Neutral Density filter Electronics
ND Neutral Density Ocean Science
ND navigation display Government
ND Not Defined Maths
ND Non-directional Radio Science
ND no date Government
ND Non-deterministically Maths
ND Nanda Devi Earth Science
ND Need in Deed Organization
ND Native Defect Electronics
ND Nasa Document Space Science
ND Non-duplex Telecommunication
ND Not Dancing Sports
ND New Donor Chemistry
ND Not Detected Military
ND No Description Law
ND need date Government
ND No Dogs Real Estate
ND New Data Computing
ND Network Drive Networking
ND No Data Computing
ND Non Detectable Military
ND Non-degenerate Maths
ND No Difference Physiology
ND Notre Dame University
ND No Defense Military
ND negative declaration Government
ND non-detectable Government
ND Non-preferred Direction Physics Related
ND New Design Business
ND No Doubt  Other
ND Node Duplication Networking
ND Navy Department Government
ND Next Day Day's Abbreviation
ND Non-dithering Softwares
ND North Dakota State
ND Non-sharable Device Networking
ND Network Director Space Science
ND Non Domestic US Government
ND No Diggity Internet Slang
ND None Detected Physics Related
ND No Decision Sports
ND Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Medical
ND Name Description Law
ND No Doubt US Government
ND Nam Dong Other
ND Not Done US Government
ND National Defense US Government
ND Normal Deployment (posture) Military and Defence
ND NADIAD JN Indian Railway Station
ND Non Deployed Military and Defence
Nd Net Preferred Stock Accounts and Finance
ND New Development Real Estate
ND NamasteDirect Organization
ND No Davie Funny
ND No Discrimination Electronics
ND Not Detonate Military and Defence
ND Non-divisible Maths
ND Naturopathic Doctor Business Position
ND Network Device Computer Hardware
ND No Degree University

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