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NIC stands for - Nicosia

There may be one or more meaning of NIC , so check all meanings of NIC in the NIC data table all one by one.

What is NIC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of NIC in Hinid is निकोसिया

All NIC Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
NIC Nicosia Airport Code
NIC North Island College University
NIC Network Interface Controller Computer Networking
NIC Integrated Communications System Management Agency Government
NIC negative impedance converter Government
NIC National Insurance Contribution Accounts and Finance
NIC Name Information Center Law
NIC Naval Intelligence Command Government
NIC Network Interconnect Card Hardware
NIC Naval Intelligence Center Military and Defence
NIC Network Interface Cards Electronics
NIC Niger- Kordofanian (Other) Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode
NIC National Industrial Classification Government
NIC Natal Indian Congress African
NIC National Intelligence Council Other
NIC National Informatics Centre Government
NIC Network Integration Card Computer Networking
NIC Neonatal Intensive Care Healthcare
NIC North Idaho College Educational Institute
NIC National Institute of Corrections US Government
NIC networked information center Government
NIC Nickname Internet Slang
NIC Newly Industrialized Countries US Government
NIC Nicaragua Country ISO Code
NIC NATO Government
NIC Nephron Information Center Organization
NIC Neighbors In Christ Organization
NIC New Internet Computer Computing
NIC Network Initial Configuration Networking
NIC numeric intensive computing Government
NIC Neat Idea Cubes Business
NIC Nipsco Capital Markets NYSE Symbol
NIC National Identity Card Meteorology
NIC National Ice Center Educational Institute
NIC North Idaho College's Electronics
NIC Noise Isolation Class Political
NIC National Integration Council Chess
NIC New In Chess Ocean Science
NIC Network Information Center Hardware
NIC Network Interface Card Other
NIC Nursing Interventions Classification Military
NIC National Intelligence Community Food
NIC Net Ingredient Cost Internet Slang
NIC Not In Contract Insurance
NIC National Insurance Contributions Business Firm
NIC New Imaging Concept Government
NIC newly industrialized countries Organization

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