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NP stands for - neural plate in British Medicine

There may be one or more meaning of NP , so check all meanings of NP in the NP data table all one by one.

What is NP Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of NP in Hinid is तंत्रिका प्लेट

All NP Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
NPNuclear non-proliferationInternational Business
NPneural plateBritish Medicine
NPNoah's PlaceOrganization
NPNot ProvidedSpace Science
NPNaval publicationGovernment
NPNetwork ProviderComputer and Networking
NpNeperPhysics Related
NPNetwork ProgramSpace Science
NPNoun PhraseOther
NPneuropathyBritish Medicine
NPnucleotide pairBritish Medicine
NPNational ParkUS Government
NPNorth Point, Hong KongCountry Specific
NPNo PostInternet Slang
NPNetwork PerformanceOther
NPno protestGovernment
NPnucleoside phosphorylaseBritish Medicine
NPNumber of PitchesSports
NPNaturopathic PhysicianBusiness Position
NPProject Schedule (nokia Planner) (visual Planner 3.x)File Type
NPNew ProtocolComputer Networking
NPNonviolent PeaceforceOrganization
NPNon-PublicComputer and Networking
NPNucleus PluginChemistry
NPNo PhosphorusMilitary and Defence
NPno problem Other
NPNon ProfitNon-Profit Organization
NPNorth PointMeteorology
NPNon PartisanOther
NPNath PratishthanOrganization
NPNurse PractitionerHealthcare
NPnonrecurring pamphletGovernment
npNo PetsReal Estate
NPNature PartyOrganization
NPnetwork processorGovernment
NPNumber PortabilityComputer and Networking
NPNetscape PluginNetworking
NPNo PasswordComputer Security
NPNondeterministic Polynomial timeInformation Technology
NPnonapeptideBritish Medicine
NPNotification PeriodMessaging
NPNote PrincipalStock Exchange
NPNot PaginatedComputing
NPNow PlayingMedia
NPnosocomial pneumoniaBritish Medicine
NPNational PartyAfrican
NPNaomi ProjectOrganization
NPNarikeldaha PrayasOrganization
NPNon ProportionalClothes
NPNeenah Paper, Inc.NASDAQ Symbol
NPNear PassSpace Science
NPNotary PublicLaw
NPNew ProgramsUniversity
NPneuropeptideBritish Medicine
NPNondeterministic PolynomialInternet
NPBurlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway CompanyRegional Railroad
NPNorth PacificRegional
NPNo PlaceMisc
NPNo PictureElectronics
NPneuropathic painBritish Medicine
NPNon PortableMilitary
NPnitroprussideBritish Medicine
NPNet ProfitAccounting
NPNo ProblemInternet Slang

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