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NPR stands for - Noise Preferential Route

There may be one or more meaning of NPR , so check all meanings of NPR in the NPR data table all one by one.

What is NPR Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of NPR in Hinid is शोर अधिमान्य मार्ग

All NPR Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
NPR Noise Preferential Route Transportation
NPR Nuclear Posture Review Military
NPR National Proletariat Radio Funny
NPR Navy program review Government
NPR Noise Power Ratio Electronics
NPR Number of Parts Requested Stock Exchange
NPR No Problem Reporting Military
NPR Net Profit Ratio Funny
NPR Notoriously Pinko Ranting Funny
NPR Non Photorealistically Rendered Law
NPR No Particular Reason Law
NPR No Public Restroom Funny
NPR Neutralization Potential Ratio Chemistry
NPR National Pinko Radio Funny
NPR National Public Radio Media
NPR NEPALGANJ ROAD Indian Railway Station
NPR Nepalese Rupee Currency
NPR Not Pretentious Really Internet Slang
NPR National Palestine Radio Media
NPR non persistent reference Government
NPR Non Photorealistic Rendering Computer Software
NPR Nothing To Provoke Rebellion US Government
NPR Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Government
NPR No Power Rangers Funny
NPR National Propaganda Radio Funny
NPR National Performance Review Military
NPR National Percentile Ranking University
NPR National Partnership For Reinventing US Government
NPR No Place for Republicans Funny
NPR Nazi Propaganda Radio Funny
NPR Naval Projections Report Military
NPR National Prosperous Radio United Nations
NPR National Prolitariat Radio Funny
NPR National Press Release US Government
NPR No Pride Remaining University
NPR New Port Richey Local State
NPR National Population Register Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
NPR Never Praises Republicans Funny
NPR Northern Plains Railroad Incorporated Regional Railroad
NPR Nationalist Peoples Radio Funny
NPR Noiseless Portable Reflector Computer Hardware

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