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ODF stands for - Open Defecation Free

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What is ODF Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ODF in Hinid is

ODF Full Form

There are so many full of ODF. like this ODF full form is Open Defecation Free. This is known as the habit of people to defecate in the open environment (outside) instead of in the toilet.

People can choose canals, roads, fields, bushes, forests, canals, or other open places for defecation.

They defecate in the open because they do not have access to toilets or because of traditional cultural practices. Since 2011, baseline surveys on access to toilets have been carried out. and villages have been declared ODF by the Indian government.

Akshay Kumar has made a film ( Toilet: Ek Prem Katha ) to raise awareness that people without toilets use open chairs.

where people described the communities where they used to have no toilets and carried out open deflations.

Other ODF Full Form

ODF: ODF Open Document Format

The ODF Open Document Format (ISO) is an international standard format for office documents created in 2006. It is an open standard that any company can implement in its software.

The Open Document Format (ODF) is an open XML-based document file format. mainly use for office applications that can be used for documents that contain text, tables, charts, and graphical elements.

It was developed by OASIS (Open Document Format for Office Applications) and the OpenDocument Technical Committee.

it is supported by Office suites such as AbiWord, Google Docs, KOffice, OpenOffice.org, and Microsoft Office 2007.

ODF makes transformations into other formats easy and uses existing standards as much as possible.

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