What is the Full Form of OK? - Ok Full Form

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OK stands for - Okey in approval

There may be one or more meaning of OK , so check all meanings of OK in the OK data table all one by one.

What is OK Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of OK in Hinid is शाबाशी

All OK Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
OKOlympia KiwanisNon-Profit Organization
OKOrganizational KnowledgeBusiness Position
OKOrganized KnowledgeUS Government
OKOakland KidsCommunity
OKOther KittyFunny
OKOctopus KickingFunny
OKOperation KlarMilitary
OKOhio and KentuckyState
OKOld KentuckyState
OKOkay KittyFunny
OKOla KalaMisc
OKOperation KidsOrganization
OKOld KeokukGeology
OKOff to KinderhookInternet Slang
OKOstschweizer KinderspitalMedical
OKOld Kent Financial CorporationNYSE Symbol
OKOld KingdomScience Fiction
OKOberwalliser KreisspitalMedical
OKOkoloogiaklubi KablikOrganization
OKOrange KittenVeterinary
OKOh KoalaFunny
OKAll CorrectMedia
OKOrrin KendallFood
OKZero KillsPolice
OKOlder KidsCommunity
OKOrrins KendallPopular
OKOll KorrectMisc
OKOpportunity KnocksBusiness Position
OKOpportunity KnockingEducation
OKOriginal KaosFunny
OKOll Korrect or Ole KurreckGeneral
OKOll KorrektMisc

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Q ) What is the full form of OK in Hindi?

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