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OOXML stands for - Office Open XML

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What is OOXML Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of OOXML in Hinid is ऑफिस ओपन एक्सएमएल

OOXML Full Form

OOXML stands for Office Open XML or Office Open Extended Markup Language.

OOXML is known as a zipped XML-based file format. it’s developed by Microsoft. to represent spreadsheets, charts, presentations, other graphical material, and word processing documents.

The specification was developed by Microsoft and adopted by ECMA International in 2006 as ECMA-376.

The second edition was published in December 2008.

and the third edition of the Standard was published in June 2011.

The specification has been adopted by ISO and IEC ISO / IEC 29500.


OOXML full form ( office Open Extended Markup Language ), developed by Microsoft for the company’s Office product range, is an open ECMA specification.

In November 2005, Microsoft announced that it would co-finance the standardization of a new version of ECMA Office. that Opens XML format in its XML-based ECMA Office. 

From Microsoft Office 2007 the standard file format for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents.

the formate was changed from object-bound embedding formats (OLED) to OOXML.

The older binary format XLS is still supported by Microsoft.

The MS OXML has become the standard for all Microsoft Office documents starting with MS Office 2007.

Difference between OOXML files and the old MS Office binary format used for Docs and XLS is easy to see. 

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