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PCS stands for - Permanent Change of Station

There may be one or more meaning of PCS , so check all meanings of PCS in the PCS data table all one by one.

What is PCS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of PCS in Hinid is स्थायी स्थिति

All PCS Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
PCSPermanent Change of StationMilitary
PCSportable control stationGovernment
PCSPeace CorpsOrganization
PCSPretty Crappy ServiceSpace Science
PCSPayload Checkout SystemGovernment
PCSprint contrast signalMeasurement Unit
PCSpost-concussive syndromeOrganization
PCSPortable Communication SystemOther
PCSPioneer Counseling ServicesGovernment
PCSPublic Civil ServiceSpace Science
PCSproject control systemAccounting
PCSProcedure Completion SheetEducation
PCSPrice Computing ScaleFunny
PCSProfessional Children's SchoolGovernment
PCSPretty Crumby ServiceGovernment
PCSprotected cable systemIndian Ministry of Shipping
PCSprint contrast scaleTelecom
PCSPort Community SystemGovernment
PCSPort Congestion SurchargeTexting
PCSPersonal Communication ServiceOrganization
PCSphysical control spaceNYSE Symbol
PCSPlease Contribute Some ....Telecom
PCSPahel Charitable SocietyTransportation
PCSSprint CorporationGovernment
PCSPersonal Communications ServiceGovernment
PCSPoker Championship SeriesSpace Science
PCSprogrammable drive tableComputing
PCSpatchable control storeFile Type
PCSPayload Control SupervisorMilitary
PCSProcess Control SystemFunny
PCSMacintosh Animated PictsInternet Slang
PCSProcured Component SoftwareTelecom
PCSPiece of Crap ServiceBusiness
PCSPretty Cool SummerComputer Assembly
PCSPersonal Communication SystemComputing
PCSPremium Customer ServiceOrganization
PCSPortable Character SetMilitary
PCSPersonal Communication ServicesGovernment
PCSPeople Coordinated ServicesMisc
PCSPhysical Component SummaryGovernment
PCSpersonal conferencing specificationOther
PCSProvo Canyon SchoolFile Type
PCSpower conversion systemBusiness
PCSPortland Center StageOther
PCSMicrosoft Clipart Gallery Picture PackageMilitary and Defence
PCSProfessional Clinical ServicesInternet Slang
PCSProvincial Civil ServicesSpace Science
PCSPersonnel Communication SystemSpace Science
PCSPersonal Communications SystemPhysics Related
PCSPortable Computer SystemFunny
PCSPressure Control SystemMilitary and Defence
PCSPassive Cross SectionPhysics
PCSPhones Confuse SprintComputing
PCSPrimary Control ShipGovernment
PCSPhoton Correlation SpectroscopyGovernment
PCSPersonal Computer ServiceSpace Science
PCSperformance command systemOrganization
PCSprogram counter storeMedical
PCSPrimary Coolant SystemTelecom
PCSPipers Corner SchoolSpace Science
PCSPrescription Card ServicesOrganization
PCSPersonal Communications ServicesBusiness
PCSPredefined Command SequenceSoftwares
PCSPoor Customer ServiceBusiness Firm
PCSPicture Coding SchemeGovernment
PCSPacific Collegiate SchoolComputer Hardware
PCSPotash Corporation of SaskatchewanMilitary
PCSpointing control systemAirport Code
PCSPersonal Coherent SourceMilitary and Defence
PCSor StationInternet Slang
PCSPicosPhysics Related
PCSProcessor Controlled StrappingFunny

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