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PHD stands for - Pretty Heavy Dude

There may be one or more meaning of PHD , so check all meanings of PHD in the PHD data table all one by one.

What is PHD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of PHD in Hinid is बहुत भारी दोस्त

All PHD Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
PHD Pretty Heavy Dude Internet Slang
PHD Piled Higher & Deeper Funny
PHD Personal Hygiene Disorder Funny
PHD Process Historian Database Database Management
PHD Presbyterian Hospital of Denton Medical
PHD Programs For Human Development Education
PHD Physical Sports
PHD Healthy Funny
PHD and Driven Funny
PHD Player Hating Degree Funny
PHD Pretty Heavy Drinker Funny
PHD Prat of the highest Degree Internet Slang
PHD Power Hungry Dog Funny
PHD Purveyor Of Hyped Drivel Education
PHD Piled High And Deep Business
PHD Progress Harmony And Development Internet Slang
PHD Pizza Home Delivery Computing
PHD Permanently Head Damaged Internet Slang
PHD Professional Hardware Diagnostics Business Firm
PHD Pretty Handsome Darling Electronics
PHD Pizza Hut Delivery Computer Hardware
PHD Press Here Funny
PHD Dummy Internet Slang
PHD Portable Hard Drive Internet Slang
PHD Push Here Airport Code
PHD Dummy Funny
PHD Propitous Homely Dude Sports
PHD Posts a Hundred times Daily Indian Railway Station
PHD New Philadelphia (oh) Sports
PHD Poor Business
PHD Hungry Funny
PHD and Determined Funny
PHD Pure Hard Dance NASDAQ Symbol
PHD PHAPHUND Business Position
PHD Particularly Hard Dancing Real Estate
PHD Patented Hosel Design Funny
PHD Poor Hungry And Determined Funny
PHD Particularly High Deception Military
PHD Pioneer Floating Rate Trust Database Management
PHD Professional Hair Dresser Funny
PHD Paint Has Dried Funny
PHD Please Hire Desperate Physiology
PHD Passed High school with Difficulty File Extension
PHD Port Hueneme Division Funny
PHD Professional Help Desk Organization
PHD Partial Head Damage Academic Degree
PHD Persistently and Habitually Dumb Funny
PHD Personal Health Diary Medical
PHD PolyHedra Database Organization
PHD Perfect Hair-Do Educational Degree
PHD Poverty and Human Dignity University
PHD Philosophiae Doctor Internet Slang
PHD Perky Happy Disciple Funny
PHD Pasquia Health District Education
PHD Partners in Health and Development Internet Slang
PHD Doctor of Philosophy Funny
PHD Playa Hatin Degree Funny
PHD Pretty Hokey Dialogue Funny
PHD Positively Head Damaged Internet Slang
PHD Pretty Hard To Do Business Product
PHD Perfect Hot Date Medical
PHD Professionals Hu Dare Funny
PHD Paltry Hunka Dough Funny
PHD Permanent Head Damage Funny
PHD Preparation H Distributor Funny
PHD Post Hole Digger Physics Related
PHD Presbyterian Hospital Dallas Funny
PHD Pretty Handsome Domestic Funny
PHD Promotion in Human Devolopment US Government
PHD Playa Hata's Degree Regional Railroad

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