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PMS stands for - Property Management System

There may be one or more meaning of PMS , so check all meanings of PMS in the PMS data table all one by one.

What is PMS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of PMS in Hinid is संपत्ति प्रबंधन प्रणाली

All PMS Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
PMSProperty Management SystemMilitary
PMSPass My StriderSports
PMSPeriodical Mental SyndromeFunny
PMSPoor Mans' Snooker (pool)Sports
PMSPalmyraAirport Code
PMSProgram ManagementMilitary and Defence
PMSSea ( Navsea)Transportation
PMSPerformance Management SystemGovernment
PMSplant monitoring systemGovernment
PMSand switchesFunny
PMSPontifical Mission SocietiesGovernment
PMSPort Management SwitchGovernment
PMSPermissible Man SlaughterMilitary and Defence
PMSproduction management specialistComputer and Networking
PMSPACOM munitions storageFunny
PMSPreventive Maintenance ServiceGovernment
PMSPhysical Media SpecificFunny
PMSPass My SaltGovernment
PMSplanned maintenance supportLaw
PMSPetrify My SpouseCommunity
PMSportable monitoring setInternet Slang
PMSPotential Murder SuspectInternet Slang
PMSPass My ShotgunOrganization
PMSPissy Mood SyndromeRegional Airport Code
PMSPardon My SobbingMilitary
PMSPakistan Medical SocietyMilitary and Defence
PMSPalmyra airportComputer Hardware
PMSProfessor of Military ScienceFunny
PMSProgram Master ScheduleGovernment
PMSPretty Major StressFunny
PMSpolicy management systemFunny
PMSPre Menstrual SyndromeGovernment
PMSPunish Men SeverelySports
PMSPacking My SuitcaseMilitary and Defence
PMSpower management systemLaw
PMSPass My SweatFunny
PMSPost Move SyndromeFunny
PMSPossible Murder SuspectGovernment
PMSPop Murders StudentsNetworking
PMSPummel Men SenselessTransportation
PMSprobable maximum surgeGovernment
PMSPerl Mail SorterSports
PMSPavement Management SystemMilitary and Defence
PMSplanned maintenance subsystemMedical
PMSPass My SweatpantsFunny
PMSPedestal Mounted StingerComputer Hardware
PMSPre Menstrual StressGovernment
PMSPretty Much StubbornFunny
PMSPower Monitoring SystemTexting
PMSperformance monitoring systemFunny
PMSPig Meat SandwichGovernment
PMSPlease Make SenseElectronics
PMSPerpetual Munching SpreeAccounting
PMSplanned maintenance systemPhysiology
PMSParticle Measuring SystemPhysiology
PMSPayment Management SystemIndian Railway Station
PMSPsychotic Mood SwingsMilitary and Defence
PMSPsychotic Mood ShiftFunny
PMSPortable Meteorological SubsystemFunny
PMSPick My ScabComputing
PMSprogram management supportGovernment
PMSPretty Miserable SyndromeMilitary
PMSProject Management SystemFunny
PMSPipeline Management SystemInternet Slang
PMSPerformance Measurement SystemLaboratory
PMSPony Mare SyndromeUniversity
PMSPack My StuffGovernment
PMSPhenazine MethosulphateFunny
PMSPeninsula Medical SchoolOrganization
PMSproduction management supportSoftwares

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