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PMS stands for - Property Management System

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What is PMS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of PMS in Hinid is संपत्ति प्रबंधन प्रणाली

All PMS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
PMS Property Management System Military
PMS Pass My Strider Sports
PMS Periodical Mental Syndrome Funny
PMS Poor Mans' Snooker (pool) Sports
PMS Palmyra Airport Code
PMS Program Management Military and Defence
PMS Sea ( Navsea) Transportation
PMS Performance Management System Government
PMS plant monitoring system Government
PMS processor Organization
PMS memories Networking
PMS and switches Funny
PMS Pontifical Mission Societies Government
PMS Port Management Switch Government
PMS Permissible Man Slaughter Military and Defence
PMS production management specialist Computer and Networking
PMS PACOM munitions storage Funny
PMS Preventive Maintenance Service Government
PMS Physical Media Specific Funny
PMS Pass My Salt Government
PMS planned maintenance support Law
PMS Petrify My Spouse Community
PMS portable monitoring set Internet Slang
PMS Potential Murder Suspect Internet Slang
PMS Pass My Shotgun Organization
PMS Pissy Mood Syndrome Regional Airport Code
PMS Pardon My Sobbing Military
PMS Pakistan Medical Society Military and Defence
PMS Palmyra airport Computer Hardware
PMS Professor of Military Science Funny
PMS Program Master Schedule Government
PMS Processor-memory-switch Physiology
PMS Pretty Major Stress Funny
PMS policy management system Funny
PMS Pre Menstrual Syndrome Government
PMS Punish Men Severely Sports
PMS Packing My Suitcase Military and Defence
PMS power management system Law
PMS Pass My Sweat Funny
PMS Post Move Syndrome Funny
PMS Possible Murder Suspect Government
PMS Pop Murders Students Networking
PMS Pummel Men Senseless Transportation
PMS probable maximum surge Government
PMS Perl Mail Sorter Sports
PMS Pavement Management System Military and Defence
PMS planned maintenance subsystem Medical
PMS Pass My Sweatpants Funny
PMS Pedestal Mounted Stinger Computer Hardware
PMS Pre Menstrual Stress Government
PMS Pretty Much Stubborn Funny
PMS Power Monitoring System Texting
PMS performance monitoring system Funny
PMS Pig Meat Sandwich Government
PMS Please Make Sense Electronics
PMS Perpetual Munching Spree Accounting
PMS planned maintenance system Physiology
PMS Particle Measuring System Physiology
PMS Payment Management System Indian Railway Station
PMS Psychotic Mood Swings Military and Defence
PMS Psychotic Mood Shift Funny
PMS Portable Meteorological Subsystem Funny
PMS Pick My Scab Computing
PMS program management support Government
PMS Pretty Miserable Syndrome Military
PMS Project Management System Funny
PMS Pipeline Management System Internet Slang
PMS Performance Measurement System Laboratory
PMS Pony Mare Syndrome University
PMS Pack My Stuff Government
PMS Phenazine Methosulphate Funny
PMS Peninsula Medical School Organization
PMS production management support Softwares

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