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PR stands for - Proportional Representation

There may be one or more meaning of PR , so check all meanings of PR in the PR data table all one by one.

What is PR Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of PR in Hinid is आनुपातिक प्रतिनिधित्व

All PR Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
PR Proportional Representation US Government
PR Public Relations  Other
PR Press Release Media
PR Partial remission Physiology
PR Price Received Accounts and Finance
PR Password Recovery Computer Security
PR Purcell Realization Sports
PR Procurement Regulation Space Science
PR Power Reference Electronics
PR Pick and Roll Sports
PR poor responder British Medicine
PR Progesterone receptor Laboratory
PR propranolol British Medicine
PR program requirements Government
PR Payload Recorder Space Science
PR Purchase Requisition Education
PR Progress Report US Government
PR pulse rate Government
PR plotting and radar Military and Defence
PR Picatinny Rail Government
PR pattern recognition Organization
PR Project Renewal Job Title
PR Performance Recognition Government
PR deputy chief of staff Physics Related
PR requirements and programs Organization
PR Probability of .... Space Science
PR Prospera Research Telecommunication
PR Pressure Ratio Government
PR Please Retry Organization
PR program register Government
PR Parkchester Recreation Other
PR production requirement British Medicine
PR Pack Rat Business
PR prevalence rate Education
PR Personal Relationship Space Science
PR Public Relations Sports
PR Primary Media
PR Personal Record Popular
PR Princeton Review Guatemalan
PR Paul Revere Mathematics
PR Partido Revolucionario British Medicine
PR PRobability Indian Railway Station
PR primitive reflexes Business
PR Previously Reported Space Science
PR directorate of programs and resources Transportation
PR Pressure Regulator Community
PR Provincial Road Medical
PR Personal Relationships Electronics
PR Praxisklinik Rennbahn Accounts and Finance
PR Praseodymium Military
PR Program Revenue US Government
PR Primary Zone Law
PR Puerto Rican Coin
PR Person Responsible Government
PR Proof Real Estate
PR purchase requirement Space Science
PR Previous Residence Government
PR Problem Report Sports
PR purchase request Physiology
PR Pigeon Rank Space Science
PR passive resistance Military
PR procurement request Government
PR Pulse Rate Computer Hardware
PR Pair Organization
PR pseudorandom Job Title
PR Press and Release Music
PR Pax Romana Government
PR Performance Rating Chemistry
PR Pork Recordings Coin
PR photo reconnaissance Computing
PR Pressure Reference Organization
PR Poor Human Genome
PR Page Rank Sports
PR Possibles Resource Networking
PR Pathogenesis Related NASA
PR Power Rankings USPS
PR Perfect Resource Sports
PR Purchase Request Media
PR Pier Organization
PR Pinch runner Government
PR Public Radio Government
PR Pamoja Radio Military and Defence
PR payroll Transportation
PR pulse ration British Medicine
PR Phoenix Raven Sports
PR Pakistan Railways Music
PR peripheral resistance Government
PR Probably Ran Funny
PR Punk Rock Organization
PR preliminary review Organization
PR Puro Rascals United Nations
PR Public Resources State
PR Project Respect Space Science
PR Permanent Representative Computer Hardware
PR Puerto Rico US Government
PR Performance Report Military
PR Pentium Rated British Medicine
PR Permanent Resident Information Technology
PR Program Review Military and Defence
PR production rate Electronics
PR Pull Request Medical
PR Personnel Recovery File Type
PR Plarock Space Science
PR Pension Rosenchalet British Medicine

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