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SAP stands for - Segmentation Application Part in Computer and Networking

There may be one or more meaning of SAP , so check all meanings of SAP in the SAP data table all one by one.

What is SAP Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SAP in Hinid is विभाजन आवेदन भाग

All SAP Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
SAP Segmentation Application Part Computer and Networking
SAP Safety Application Layer Protocol Networking
SAP Service Announcement Protocol Networking
SAP Sandipan Accepted Protocol Networking
SAP System Application Product Softwares
SAP Structural Analysis Program Softwares
SAP Systems Softwares
SAP Applications Softwares
SAP Products (sap.com) Indian Railway Station
SAP Systems Applications and Products German
SAP Single Auf Partnersuche Maths
SAP Soft and Pretty Computer and Networking
SAP Simultaneous Algebric Programs Accounts and Finance
SAP Service Access Point Country Related
SAP Substituted Accounting Period Banking
SAP Surface Attack Permit Computer and Networking
SAP State Agricultural Plan Networking
SAP System Application Procedure Networking
SAP System Area Pointer Networking
SAP Session Announcement Protocol Messaging
SAP Start of Active Profile Messaging
SAP Sorry Ass Person Language
SAP Safety Action Plan Messaging
SAP Systems and Programming Messaging
SAP Systems Messaging
SAP Applications & Products Accounts and Finance
SAP Systems Military and Defence
SAP Applications British Airways
SAP & Products Military and Defence
SAP Systems Company
SAP Applications Other
SAP and Products Other
SAP Systems City Planning
SAP Applications Accounts and Finance
SAP Products Job Title
SAP Scientific Advisory Panel Security
SAP Systems Assurance Programmer Ceiling
SAP Special Access Program Organizations
SAP Society for Applied Philosophy Accounts and Finance
SAP Seasonal Attribution Project Other
SAP Start Aid Post Accounts and Finance
SAP Sub Area Policy Other
SAP Software Accounting Programme Accounts and Finance
SAP Substance Abuse Professionals Other
SAP System Alarm Panel Space Science
SAP Suspended Acoustical Panel Country Related
SAP Sustainable Agriculture Program Military and Defence
SAP Service Advertisement Protocol Electronics
SAP Special Applications Program Locations
SAP Statements On Auditing Procedure Various Schools
SAP Services Administratifs Proteck Airport Code
SAP Standard Accounting Procedures Various Locations
SAP Satisfactory Academic Progress School
SAP Strain Arrestor Plate Messaging
SAP St. Anthony Park Power industry
SAP Semi-armor Piercing Database Management
SAP Secondary Audio Program Country Specific

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Q ) What is the full form of SAP in Hindi?

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