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SAS stands for - sealed authentication system

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What is SAS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SAS in Hinid is सीलबंद प्रमाणीकरण प्रणाली

All SAS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
SAS sealed authentication system Government
SAS Steerable Antenna System Radio Science
SAS Special Ammunition Stockage Military and Defence
SAS Solar Acquisition Sensor Space Science
SAS Special Access Surcharge Telecommunication
SAS Student Administrative Services University
SAS Statements of Auditing Standards Accounts and Finance
SAS supportability analysis summary Government
SAS Spikeys All Stars Sports
SAS Stability Sugmentation System Government
SAS Synthetic Aperture Sonar Military and Defence
SAS Supply Chain Assessments & Solutions Country Specific
SAS Stretching Aerobic and Strengthening Sports
SAS School For Advanced Studies University
SAS Seniors Action Service Organization
SAS Side Angle Side Mathematics
SAS System Analysis and Simulation Military and Defence
SAS single attached station Government
SAS St. Agnes School Organization
SAS Survivable Adaptive Systems Military and Defence
SAS Save A Soul Organization
SAS Support A Soldier Organization
SAS Sealed Authenticator System Military and Defence
SAS sleep apnoea syndrome British Medicine
SAS Solvent Accessible Surface Chemistry
SAS School Age Services Education
SAS Sadly Another Submission Internet Slang
SAS Statistical Analysis Systems Accounting
SAS Search and Sort Softwares
SAS Small Astronomy Satellite Space Science
SAS Special Air Service (britain) Military and Defence
SAS Scandinavian Airlines System Transportation
SAS Statistical Analysis System Business
SAS Single And Searching Texting
SAS Short Attention Span Physiology
SAS surface active substances Government
SAS Special Agents FBI File
SAS Special Armed Services Military and Defence
SAS Serial-attached Scsi Computer Hardware
SAS Surface Application Sytems Military and Defence
SAS Self-aware System Computer Hardware
SAS Single Attach Station Computer Networking
SAS Silver Age Sentinels Community
SAS Su Alti Savunma Turkish
SAS Secure Attention Sequence Computer Networking
SAS Serial Attached Scsi Computer Driver
SAS Secondary Antenna System Electronics
SAS security agency study Government
SAS single audio system Government
SAS Scottish Ambulance Service Government
SAS secondary alarm station Law
SAS Second Amendment Sisters Accounts and Finance
SAS Semi Annual Statement Government
SAS sales accounting system Military
SAS Special Air Service Space Science
SAS Space Adaptation Syndrome Electronics
SAS Special Application Substrate Law
SAS Special Assault Squad Government
SAS systems acquisition school Business Firm
SAS Scandinavian Airline Systems Stock Exchange
SAS Savings Assortment Satisfaction Organization
SAS Seraj Alommal Society Government
SAS special ammunition site Computer and Networking
SAS Subscriber Alerting Signal Accounting
SAS Statements on Auditing Standards Military
SAS Special Air Services Sports
SAS Speed Agression and Suprise Sports
SAS Strongbow Admiration Society Military and Defence
SAS Simultaneous Analog Stimulation Organization
SAS Seattle Audubon Society Misc
SAS Singapore American School Military and Defence
SAS Service Medical
SAS Artistry Funny
SAS Skill Funny
SAS Sanatorio Aguilar Sánchez Organization
SAS Special Aircraft for Saints Airport Code
SAS Sasami Appreciation Society Government
SAS Shibgonj Athokarma Sangstha Computer Software
SAS Salton City (ca) Computer and Networking
SAS Supply Analysis System Organization
SAS Statistical Analysis Software Space Science
SAS Smart Antenna Savvy Sports
SAS Scottsdale Artists' School Government
SAS Stability Augmented System Other
SAS Southern All Stars Military and Defence
SAS special ammunition storage File Type
SAS Second Avenue Subway Business Firm
SAS Special Airlift Summary Funny
SAS Sas Source Code File Military and Defence
SAS San Antonio Shoes Government
SAS Sissies And Solo Military and Defence
SAS Speed Space Science
SAS Aggression Government
SAS and Surprise Space Science
SAS statistically assigned sockets Softwares
SAS Secret Attack Squad Other
SAS Stability Augmentation Subsystem Indian Railway Station
SAS staff administrative specialist Accounting

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