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SAT stands for - systems acceptance test

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What is SAT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SAT in Hinid is सिस्टम स्वीकृति परीक्षण

All SAT Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
SAT systems acceptance test Government
SAT situational awareness terminal Government
SAT San Antonio Local State
SAT Texas Other
SAT Scholastic Assessment Test Government
SAT synchronized acoustic transmitter Softwares
SAT Software Architecture Technology Military and Defence
SAT Security Assistance Test Government
SAT specified action table Computer Software
SAT System Administration Tool Chemistry
SAT small arms transmitter Education
SAT Stages and Tranformations Indian Railway Station
SAT Scholastic Achievement Test University
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test Transportation
SAT Stupid Aggravating Timewaster Internet Slang
SAT San Antonio International Airport Funny
SAT Sad And Tedious Funny
SAT Super Anime Time Internet Slang
SAT Southerners Aren't Trying University
SAT Spare A Thought Government
SAT Student Assistance Team Government
SAT situational awareness technology Internet Slang
SAT small arms trainer Military and Defence
SAT Stunned Abnoxious Twit Funny
SAT Spatial Analysis Tool Kit Technology
SAT Scream Aptitude Test Computer Software
SAT Science Aeronautics and Technology Electronics
SAT Sprite Animation Toolkit Chemistry
SAT Self-adjusting Technology Internet Slang
SAT Sending A Thought Electronics
SAT Sistema de Administración Tributaria Government
SAT Self-adjusting Threshold Government
SAT security assistance team Internet Slang
SAT satisfiability problem Electronics
SAT Sorry About That Airport Code
SAT Smart Amplifier Technology Military
SAT San Antonio (tx) Military
SAT Systems Approach to Training Government
SAT Security Alert Team Funny
SAT simplified acquisition threshold Government
SAT Somebody Ain't Teaching Electronics
SAT stabilization assurance test Funny
SAT Spray acid tool Electronics
SAT Stupid American Test University
SAT Self Adjusting Threshold University
SAT Science Military
SAT Aeronautics Internet Slang
SAT And Technology Government
SAT Stanford Achievement Test Computer Hardware
SAT Security Audit Trail Physiology
SAT Sick And Twisted Space Science
SAT simulation assessment team Religious
SAT Site Acceptance Test Funny
SAT Satisfactory Day's Abbreviation
SAT Saturate Computer Assembly
SAT Saturated Military and Defence
SAT Seekers After Truth Meteorology
SAT Superhuman America Team Military
SAT Saturday Computer and Networking
SAT Save As Text Government
SAT Software Acceptance Test Maths

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