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SAT stands for - systems acceptance test

There may be one or more meaning of SAT , so check all meanings of SAT in the SAT data table all one by one.

What is SAT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SAT in Hinid is सिस्टम स्वीकृति परीक्षण

All SAT Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
SATsystems acceptance testGovernment
SATsituational awareness terminalGovernment
SATSan AntonioLocal State
SATScholastic Assessment TestGovernment
SATsynchronized acoustic transmitterSoftwares
SATSoftware Architecture TechnologyMilitary and Defence
SATSecurity Assistance TestGovernment
SATspecified action tableComputer Software
SATSystem Administration ToolChemistry
SATsmall arms transmitterEducation
SATStages and TranformationsIndian Railway Station
SATScholastic Achievement TestUniversity
SATScholastic Aptitude TestTransportation
SATStupid Aggravating TimewasterInternet Slang
SATSan Antonio International AirportFunny
SATSad And TediousFunny
SATSuper Anime TimeInternet Slang
SATSoutherners Aren't TryingUniversity
SATSpare A ThoughtGovernment
SATStudent Assistance TeamGovernment
SATsituational awareness technologyInternet Slang
SATsmall arms trainerMilitary and Defence
SATStunned Abnoxious TwitFunny
SATSpatial Analysis Tool KitTechnology
SATScream Aptitude TestComputer Software
SATScience Aeronautics and TechnologyElectronics
SATSprite Animation ToolkitChemistry
SATSelf-adjusting TechnologyInternet Slang
SATSending A ThoughtElectronics
SATSistema de Administración TributariaGovernment
SATSelf-adjusting ThresholdGovernment
SATsecurity assistance teamInternet Slang
SATsatisfiability problemElectronics
SATSorry About ThatAirport Code
SATSmart Amplifier TechnologyMilitary
SATSan Antonio (tx)Military
SATSystems Approach to TrainingGovernment
SATSecurity Alert TeamFunny
SATsimplified acquisition thresholdGovernment
SATSomebody Ain't TeachingElectronics
SATstabilization assurance testFunny
SATSpray acid toolElectronics
SATStupid American TestUniversity
SATSelf Adjusting ThresholdUniversity
SATAeronauticsInternet Slang
SATAnd TechnologyGovernment
SATStanford Achievement TestComputer Hardware
SATSecurity Audit TrailPhysiology
SATSick And TwistedSpace Science
SATsimulation assessment teamReligious
SATSite Acceptance TestFunny
SATSatisfactoryDay's Abbreviation
SATSaturateComputer Assembly
SATSaturatedMilitary and Defence
SATSeekers After TruthMeteorology
SATSuperhuman America TeamMilitary
SATSaturdayComputer and Networking
SATSave As TextGovernment
SATSoftware Acceptance TestMaths

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