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SCUBA stands for - South Carolina Underwater Bass Fishermans Association in Sports

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What is SCUBA Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SCUBA in Hinid is दक्षिण कैरोलिना अंडरवाटर बास मछुआरे संघ

All SCUBA Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
SCUBASouth Carolina Underwater Bass Fishermans AssociationSports
SCUBAself-contained underwater breathing apparatusGovernment
SCUBASpecial Camp for Underwater Ballet AcademyFunny
SCUBASelf Contained Underwater Breathing ApparatusSports
SCUBACan U Breathe Air with it?Astronomy
SCUBASubmillimetre Common User Bolometer ArrayFunny
SCUBASelf Confessed Underwater Breathing AddictFunny
SCUBASaw Clintons Underwear By AnklesFunny
SCUBASomething Creepy Under the BoatFunny
SCUBASome Come Up Barely AliveReligious
SCUBASuper Cool Underwater Bible AdventureFunny
SCUBASuper Cool Undersea Bible AdventureFunny

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