What is the Full Form of SDM? - SDM Full Form

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SDM stands for - Sensing and Diagnostic Module in Technology

There may be one or more meaning of SDM , so check all meanings of SDM in the SDM data table all one by one.

What is SDM Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SDM in Hinid is सेंसिंग और डायग्नोस्टिक मॉड्यूल

All SDM Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
SDMSonic Death MonkeyFunny
SDMstatistical data modulationGovernment
SDMSub-Divisional MagistrateBusiness Position
SDMsystem decision memorandumGovernment
SDMSelective Display ModelMilitary
SDMSystems Development MultiuserBusiness
SDMBrown FieldRegional Airport Code
SDMSan DiegoSpace Science
SDMCalifornia USASpace Science
SDMSecondary Deployment MechanismAirport Code
SDMSystem Definition ManualGovernment
SDMSan Diego (ca)Governmental Titles
SDMsecure digital modemIndian Railway Station
SDMSub Divisional MagistrateUniversity
SDMSanutayshun Department MuzickOther
SDMsystem development multitaskingGovernment
SDMShoppers Drug MartNetworking
SDMsequency-division multiplexingElectronics
SDMSecurity Device ManagerFunny
SDMSpecific Device Model for SABSoftwares
SDMSingle Digit MidgitBusiness Management
SDMSoftware Development ManagerBusiness
SDMSystem Design and ManagementMilitary
SDMScientific Data ManagementGovernment
SDMShut Down MaintenanceSoftwares
SDMshut down modeSpace Science
SDMSoftware Deployment ManagerMilitary and Defence
SDMShuttle Data ManagementTelecom
SDMSmall Deathmaps MapsGeology
SDMService Delivery ManagementSpace Science
SDMSpatial Data ModellingMilitary
SDMSubsystem Design ManualsGovernment
SDMService Decision MemorandumBusiness Management

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Q ) What is the full form of SDM in Hindi?

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