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SFT stands for - System File Table in Computer Networking

There may be one or more meaning of SFT , so check all meanings of SFT in the SFT data table all one by one.

What is SFT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SFT in Hinid is सिस्टम फ़ाइल तालिका

All SFT Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
SFTSolenoid Form TechnologyTechnology
SFTSystem File TableComputer Networking
SFTChiWriter Screen fontFile Extension
SFTSociety for TheriogenologyVeterinary
SFTSolutions For TomorrowBusiness Firm
SFTStore And Forward TelegraphMedia
SFTSkellefteaAirport Code
SFTStudents for a Free TibetOrganization
SFTSmooth-haired Fox TerrierVeterinary
SFTSolution Focused TherapyPhysiology
SFTSuper Fun TimeOther
SFTSlow Fourier TransformElectronics
SFTSpeak For The TreesNon-Profit Organization
SFTSystem Fault ToleranceComputing
SFTSeal Forward TechnologyBusiness
SFTSo Freaking TrueInternet Slang
SFTStatic Firing TestSpace Science
SFTSummer Field TrainingMilitary and Defence
SFTSystem Fault TolerantComputing
SFTSo Freaking TiredInternet Slang
SFTServer Fault ToleranceComputer Networking
SFTSimon Fisher TurnerPopular
SFTSkelleftea, SwedenRegional Airport Code
SFTShaftSpace Science
SFTStratesec, Inc.AMEX Symbol
SFTSymmetric Fault ToleranceComputer Networking
SFTSimulated Flight TestSpace Science
SFTSanta Fe TrailRegional
SFTSincere Friendly And TrustworthyLaw
SftSquare FeetMaths
SFTSystem Functional TestNASA
SFTSeamless Fusion TechnologyTechnology
SFTSkelleftea airportRegional Airport Code

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Q ) What is the full form of SFT in Hindi?

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