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SIP stands for - Simferopol

There may be one or more meaning of SIP , so check all meanings of SIP in the SIP data table all one by one.

What is SIP Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SIP in Hinid is सिम्फ़रोपोल

All SIP Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
SIPSimferopolAirport Code
SIPSoft Input PanelNASA
SIPSanatorio Infantil PrivadoMedical
SIPSchools Integration ProjectEducation
SIPSimulations In PhysicsPhysics Related
SIPSingle Investment PlanStock Exchange
SIPStudent Information PortalUniversity
SIPSession Initialization ProtocolComputer Networking
SIPStrain Isolator PadSpace Science
SIPSubmission Information PackageBusiness
SIPService Interface PointTelecommunication
SIPStatistically Improbable PhraseLibrary
SIPSupport Incident PackMilitary and Defence
SIPSession Initiation Protocol (IETF)Computer and Networking
SIPSystem Interface ProcedureNetworking
SIPSingle Inline PackageElectronics
SIPSchool Improvement ProgramLocal State
SIPSchool Improvement PlanEducation
SIPScientific Instrument PackageSpace Science
SIPSocial Interactive PlaytimeEducation
SIPScientific Instruction ProcessorGovernment
SIPSeparation Instrument PackageSpace Science
SIPsystems improvement programGovernment
SIPSmiling In PublicMessaging
SIPStructurally Insulated PanelsNASA
SIPSystem Implementation PlanNASA
SIPStandard Investment PlanningStock Exchange
SIPsingle-in-line packageGovernment
SIPSURAIMANPURIndian Railway Station
SIPsystem improvement planGovernment
SIPSemiconductor Intellectual PropertyMilitary
SIPSystem Improvement ProgramGovernment
SIPsegment interface protocolComputing
SIPScilab Image ProcessingAccounts and Finance
SIPSociety of Investment ProfessionalsSpace Science
SIPStandard Interface PanelConstruction
SIPStructural Insulated PanelComputer Networking
SIPSmds Interface ProtocolGovernment
SIPsystems information packageTransportation
SIPSide Impact ProtectionSports
SIPStay In PlayElectronics
SIPSingle In-line PackageInformation Technology
SIPSupplementary Ideographic PlaneGovernment
SIPsecondary improvement programGovernment
SIPsoftware instrumentation packageGovernment
SIPState Implementation PlanMilitary and Defence
SIPSystem Enhancement ProgramUS Government
SIPStandards In PracticeTelecom
SIPSession Initiation ProtocolComputer Software
SIPSelf Initiated ProgramComputing
SIPSoftware Input PanelRegional Airport Code
SIPSimferopol airportNASA
SIPStructurally Insulated PanelFarming
SIPSeasonal Irrigation ProgramAccounts and Finance
SIPSales Inventory PurchaseGovernment
SIPsymbolic input programRegional Airport Code

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