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SIT stands for - Special Information Tone in Computer and Networking

There may be one or more meaning of SIT , so check all meanings of SIT in the SIT data table all one by one.

What is SIT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SIT in Hinid is विशेष सूचना टोन

All SIT Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
SIT Sidewalk Initiative Team Community
SIT School for International Training University
SIT System Initialization Table Computing
SIT Sino-Tibetan (Other) Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode
SIT Singapore Institute of Technology Other
SIT Shuttle Interface Test Space Science
SIT Unstuff Compressed File Archive File Type
SIT Slovenian Tolar Currency
SIT Semi Implicit and Traditional Maths
SIT Special Information Tone Telecom
SIT Seal Initiation Temperature NASA
SIT Situation Space Science
SIT Simple Interface Tunnel Networking
SIT Sensory Integration Training Military
SIT Sitka Rocky Gutierrez airport Regional Airport Code
SIT Static Induction Transistor Electronics
SIT Storage In Transit Transportation
SIT School Of Information Technology University
SIT Slayers In Training Military
SIT System Integration Test Military
SIT Special Information Tones Telecom
SIT Staff In Training Business
SIT Satellite Instructional Television Media
SIT Subsidiary Integrity Token Networking
SIT Skater In Training Sports
SIT Situational Physiology
SIT System Integration Testing Computer Software
SIT Special Investigation Team Law
SIT System Implementation Team NASA
SIT Stay In Tune Music
SIT Simple Internet Transition Internet
SIT Sitka (ak) Airport Code
SIT Shuttle Integrated Test Space Science
SIT Student Intervention Team University
SIT Systematic Inventive Thinking Business
SIT Southern Institute of Technology Other
SIT Ssv (space Shuttle Vehicle) Integrated Test Space Science
SIT Software Integration Test Space Science

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Q ) Full Details of SIT
Q ) What is the full form of SIT in Hindi?

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