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SMS stands for - Slow Moving Software in Funny

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What is SMS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SMS in Hinid is धीमी गति से चलने वाला सॉफ्टवेयर

All SMS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
SMS Slow Moving Software Funny
SMS Sega Master System Computing
SMS Service Management System Telecom
SMS Stock Market Simulation Stock Exchange
SMS Systems Management Server Computer Networking
SMS Sardarayaab Model School Educational Institute
SMS Sleep Management System Military
SMS Send Messages Silently Funny
SMS Short Messaging Service Telecom
SMS Safety Management System Transportation
SMS Short Message Service Telecom
SMS Single Mobility System Military and Defence
SMS Space Motion Sickness Space Science
SMS Southern Middle School Misc
SMS Spectral Modeling Synthesis Physics
SMS Short of Mental Stamina Funny
SMS Short Messages Service SMS
SMS Secs (semi Equipment Communications Standard) Message Service Electronics
SMS Shared Medical Systems Medical
SMS Samsung Business Product
SMS Shred Mylar Surface Computer Assembly
SMS Storage Management Subsystem Computing
SMS Senior Management Service Business
SMS Smithsonian Marine Station Other
SMS Sun Astronomy
SMS Moon Business Firm
SMS And Stars Military
SMS Siemens Medical Solutions Networking
SMS Seiner Majestat Schiff Medical
SMS Send Me Symbols SMS
SMS Servicios Médicos del Sur Education
SMS Short Message Services British Medicine
SMS School Management System Regional Airport Code
SMS sphingomyelin synthase Telecommunication
SMS Sainte Marie airport Telecom
SMS Server Malloc (memory Allocation) System Other
SMS Short Message System Organization
SMS Strategic Management Society NASA
SMS St. Mark's School Transportation
SMS Shuttle Mission Simulator Internet Slang
SMS Simulation Modeling System Funny
SMS Show Me Sister Information Technology
SMS So Much Shorter Business Management
SMS System Management Server Organization
SMS Strategic Management Sciences Space Science
SMS Sarojini devi Memorial Society Computer Hardware
SMS Special Measuring Service Space Science
SMS Small Memory System Computing
SMS Solar Maximum Satellite Computer Software
SMS System Managed Storage Military
SMS Smart Messaging Service Physiology
SMS Supply Management Software NYSE Symbol
SMS Smith Magenis Syndrome Organization
SMS Shared Medical Systems Corporation Medical
SMS Surjamukhi Sangstha Airport Code
SMS Smith-Magenis syndrome Funny
SMS Sainte Marie Funny
SMS Stop Making Sense Military and Defence
SMS Stop Marriage Swiftly British Medicine
SMS Service Members Business Management
SMS somatomedins Ocean Science
SMS Safety Management Systems Funny
SMS Synchronous Meteorological Satellite Space Science

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Q ) What is the full form of SMS in Hindi?

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