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SOS stands for - Speech Option Selection in Computer and Networking

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What is SOS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SOS in Hinid is भाषण विकल्प चयन

All SOS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
SOS Speech Option Selection Computer and Networking
SOS Someone (watching) Over Shoulder Internet Slang
SOS Somali Shilling Country Currency
SOS Snmp (simple Network Management Protocol) Operating System Networking
SOS Structured Operational Semantics Softwares
SOS Service Offering Solutions Softwares
SOS Screen of Screens Softwares
SOS Standard Operating System Softwares
SOS SOMESAR Indian Railway Station
SOS Silicon On Sapphire Electronics
SOS Save Banking
SOS Organize Messaging
SOS and Share Messaging
SOS Sibling Over Shoulder Messaging
SOS Simple Operating System Accounts and Finance
SOS Some One Special Space Science
SOS Spend Or Save Job Title
SOS Serial Output Special Accounts and Finance
SOS Seek Optimum Skills Physics Related
SOS Start Out Savings Sports
SOS Spin Orbital Splitting Military and Defence
SOS Swim On Side Information Technology
SOS Save Our Ship Military and Defence
SOS Service on Site Information Technology
SOS System of Systems Military and Defence
SOS System-of-System Space Science
SOS Service Over Self Radio Science
SOS Source of Supply Information Technology
SOS International Distress Signal Radio Science
SOS Support Operating System Information Technology
SOS Send Out Signal Computer Hardware
SOS Software Operating System Physics Related
SOS Start-up Override Switch Information Technology
SOS Stimulated Orientational Scattering Military and Defence
SOS Share Operating System Military and Defence
SOS Service of Supply Information Technology
SOS Send Out Someone Science & Medicine
SOS Solid Oak Software Sports
SOS Speed of Sound Stock Exchange
SOS Same Old Sox Sports
SOS Stock Optimizing Selector Military and Defence
SOS Spirt of The Sharks Sports
SOS Special Operations Squadron Military and Defence
SOS Spirit of Sharing Information Technology
SOS Support Our Station Computer Assembly Language
SOS Scrum of Scrums Space Science
SOS Swap Operating Shell Science & Medicine
SOS Stabilized Optical Sight Information Technology
SOS Science of Survival Information Technology
SOS Subscriber and Operator Services Sports
SOS Service Oriented Software Science & Medicine
SOS Strength of Schedule Earth Science
SOS Statement of Sensitivity Science & Medicine
SOS Standing On Stone Military and Defence
SOS Science of Speed Maths
SOS Save Our Sailors Information Technology
SOS Structural Operational Semantics Science & Medicine
SOS Solution Oriented Services Science & Medicine
SOS Socialstyrelsen Military and Defence
SOS Second Order Statistics Military and Defence
SOS Son of Spy Information Technology
SOS Save Our Souls Military and Defence
SOS Service Optimization Solutions Military and Defence
SOS Support Our Soldiers Military and Defence
SOS Shipments of Spares Information Technology
SOS Slightly Off Specification Information Technology
SOS Sophisticated Operating System Science & Medicine

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Q ) What is the full form of SOS in Hindi?

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