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SP stands for - Sports Plane

There may be one or more meaning of SP , so check all meanings of SP in the SP data table all one by one.

What is SP Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SP in Hinid is खेल विमान

All SP Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
SPSports PlaneSports
SPSingular PerturbationPhysics Related
SPsingle purposeGovernment
SPSwitchable-P [frames]Computer and Networking
SPSports ProductionSports
SPSpirit PointsSports
SPSocial PointsInternet Slang
SPSkill PointsSports
SPSP Plus CorporationNASDAQ Symbol
SPspecial projectsGovernment
SPsurgical pathologyBritish Medicine
SPSouth ParkFunny
SPSamaritan's PurseNon-Profit Organization
SPSenior PastorJob Title
SPsymbol programmerGovernment
SPStatic PressureNASA
SPSpatial and Spectral Infrared ExperimentGovernment
SPsecretory pieceBritish Medicine
SPstandard and performanceGovernment
SPService ProviderInternet
SPSubgame PerfectSports
SPShuttle Projects Office (ksc)Space Science
SPsocial phobiaBritish Medicine
SPSingle PlaySports
SPstaff plannerGovernment
SPsenile plaqueBritish Medicine
SPSingle PlayerSports
SPsaw palmettoOther
SPSouthern PacificRegional
SPSub ProjectSpace Science
SPSheffield PlaceOrganization
SPshort playOther
SPScheherazade ProductionsOrganization
SPSanatorio del PuertoMedical
SPSenior PartnerJob Title
SPsolid phaseBritish Medicine
SPsingle poleGovernment
SPSecurity PolicyMilitary
SPSystem ProcedureComputer Assembly Language
SPShoulder PadSports
SPShock PracticeMilitary and Defence
SPstandardization planGovernment
SPsolid propellantGovernment
SPsurveillance procedureGovernment
SPShoulder PitchSpace Science
SPSpecial ProceedingMilitary and Defence
SPStudy Point (ETSI)Computer and Networking
SPSymphony ParnassusOrganization
SPStudent ProgramUniversity
SPSpire PressOrganization
SPservice processorGovernment
SPspecial purposeGovernment
SPSave the PoorOrganization
SPUnion Pacific Railroad CompanyRegional Railroad
SPspastic paralysisBritish Medicine
SPSmart PointerSoftwares
SPSpragueGovernment Supplier
SPShort ProgramSports
SPState ParkGovernment
SPSuper PudFunny
SPSingapore PowerOther
SPSojourn to the PastOrganization
SPSanatorio ParedesMedical
SPStrategic PlanMessaging
SPSuper PlayerSports
SPSelf PropelledMilitary
SPSheway ProjectMedical
SPSangre PanamaOrganization
SPSpecial PublicationUS Government
SPStyle PointsSports
SPspecialist corpsGovernment
SPsystem productBritish Medicine
SPsubplateInternet Slang
SPSweetie PieNASA
SPSolar PhysicsElectronics
SPSignal ProcessorCountries
SPSpainInternet Slang
SPSuper PrettySpace Science
SPSpinBusiness Position
SPSuppressive PersonBritish Medicine
SPspeech pathologyOrganization
SPSchool PerformanceBusiness Position
SPSuperior PerformanceMessaging
SPSpecific ProcedureOrganization
SPSunburst ProjectsReligious
SPSaint PeterRegional
SPSouth PacificBotany
SPSoil PropertiesOther
SPSmart PriceGovernment
SPshore patrolSports
SPSanity PointsAcedemic & Science
SPspellingMilitary and Defence
SPSabotage PackRegional
SPSao PauloIndian Political Party
SPSamajwadi PartyOther
SPSuper PowerBritish Medicine
SPspontaneous pneumothoraxMilitary
SPsystem processorGovernment
SPstructured programmingComputer Assembly
SPSingle PrecisionMusic
SPSmashing PumpkinsOrganization
SPSeeds of PeaceSports
SPSave PercentageComputer Assembly
SPStack PointerPolice
SPSuperintendent of PoliceJob Title
SPSkating ProfessionalPhysics Related
SPSuperultramodern PhysicsLaw
SPSecurity PoliceSpace Science
SPStandard Or PeculiarHardware
SPSingle ProcessorMedical
SPSt andrews PlaceSoftwares
SPStarting PixelComputer and Networking
SPStandards Proposal (TIA Industry Ballot)Organization
SPSpear PointFile Type
SPCompressed File Archive (splint)Education
SPSole ProprietorshipChemistry
SPSpontaneous PotentialUS Government
SPSpecial ProjectJob Title
SPStreet PhotographyLaw
SPStrada ProvincialeBritish Medicine
SPsodium pentobarbitalOrganization
SPStandby ProgramSports
SPStarting PitcherInternet Slang
SPShiny PantsPhysics Related
SPStandard PressureIndian Railway Station
SPself-propelledLocal State
SPStevens PointComputer Hardware
SPSpare PartsLaw
SPState PoliceGovernment
SPstart pointChemistry
SPSolubility ProductComputer Hardware
SPSpecial PerformanceGovernment
SPspare partOrganization
SPSignal PeptideBritish Medicine
SPsystolic pressureComputer Software
SPService PackMilitary and Defence
SPSource ProgramMedical
SPSpleenBritish Medicine
SPspectrophotometryMilitary and Defence
SPSecurity PackOrganization

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