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SP stands for - Sports Plane

There may be one or more meaning of SP , so check all meanings of SP in the SP data table all one by one.

What is SP Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of SP in Hinid is खेल विमान

All SP Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
SP Sports Plane Sports
SP Singular Perturbation Physics Related
SP single purpose Government
SP Switchable-P [frames] Computer and Networking
SP Sports Production Sports
SP Spirit Points Sports
SP Social Points Internet Slang
SP Skill Points Sports
SP SP Plus Corporation NASDAQ Symbol
SP special projects Government
SP surgical pathology British Medicine
SP South Park Funny
SP Samaritan's Purse Non-Profit Organization
SP Senior Pastor Job Title
SP symbol programmer Government
SP Static Pressure NASA
SP Specimen Coin
SP support Government
SP Spatial and Spectral Infrared Experiment Government
SP Space Computing
SP secretory piece British Medicine
SP standard and performance Government
SP Service Provider Internet
SP Subgame Perfect Sports
SP Shuttle Projects Office (ksc) Space Science
SP social phobia British Medicine
SP Single Play Sports
SP staff planner Government
SP senile plaque British Medicine
SP Single Player Sports
SP single-phase Government
SP saw palmetto Other
SP Southern Pacific Regional
SP Sub Project Space Science
SP Specialist Military
SP Sheffield Place Organization
SP short play Other
SP Scheherazade Productions Organization
SP Sanatorio del Puerto Medical
SP Senior Partner Job Title
SP solid phase British Medicine
SP single pole Government
SP Security Policy Military
SP System Procedure Computer Assembly Language
SP Shoulder Pad Sports
SP Shock Practice Military and Defence
SP standardization plan Government
SP solid propellant Government
SP surveillance procedure Government
SP Shoulder Pitch Space Science
SP Special Proceeding Military and Defence
SP Study Point (ETSI) Computer and Networking
SP Symphony Parnassus Organization
SP Student Program University
SP Spire Press Organization
SP service processor Government
SP special purpose Government
SP Save the Poor Organization
SP Union Pacific Railroad Company Regional Railroad
SP spastic paralysis British Medicine
SP Smart Pointer Softwares
SP Sprague Government Supplier
SP Short Program Sports
SP State Park Government
SP Super Pud Funny
SP Singapore Power Other
SP Sojourn to the Past Organization
SP Sanatorio Paredes Medical
SP Strategic Plan Messaging
SP Super Player Sports
SP Self Propelled Military
SP Sheway Project Medical
SP Sangre Panama Organization
SP SafePlace Organization
SP Special Publication US Government
SP Style Points Sports
SP specialist corps Government
SP system product British Medicine
SP subplate Internet Slang
SP Sweetie Pie NASA
SP Solar Physics Electronics
SP Signal Processor Countries
SP Spain Internet Slang
SP Super Pretty Space Science
SP Spin Business Position
SP Suppressive Person British Medicine
SP speech pathology Organization
SP School Performance Business Position
SP Superior Performance Messaging
SP Specific Procedure Organization
SP Sunburst Projects Religious
SP Saint Peter Regional
SP South Pacific Botany
SP Soil Properties Other
SP Smart Price Government
SP shore patrol Sports
SP Sanity Points Acedemic & Science
SP spelling Military and Defence
SP Sabotage Pack Regional
SP Sao Paulo Indian Political Party
SP Samajwadi Party Other
SP Super Power British Medicine
SP spontaneous pneumothorax Military
SP Spare Government
SP system processor Government
SP structured programming Computer Assembly
SP Single Precision Music
SP Smashing Pumpkins Organization
SP Seeds of Peace Sports
SP Save Percentage Computer Assembly
SP Stack Pointer Police
SP Superintendent of Police Job Title
SP Skating Professional Physics Related
SP Superultramodern Physics Law
SP Security Police Space Science
SP Standard Or Peculiar Hardware
SP Single Processor Medical
SP St andrews Place Softwares
SP Starting Pixel Computer and Networking
SP Standards Proposal (TIA Industry Ballot) Organization
SP Spear Point File Type
SP Compressed File Archive (splint) Education
SP Spanish Messaging
SP Sole Proprietorship Chemistry
SP Spontaneous Potential US Government
SP Special Project Job Title
SP Street Photography Law
SP Strada Provinciale British Medicine
SP sodium pentobarbital Organization
SP Standby Program Sports
SP Starting Pitcher Internet Slang
SP Shiny Pants Physics Related
SP Standard Pressure Indian Railway Station
SP SAIDAPET Government
SP self-propelled Local State
SP Stevens Point Computer Hardware
SP Spare Parts Law
SP State Police Government
SP start point Chemistry
SP Solubility Product Computer Hardware
SP Special Performance Government
SP spare part Organization
SP Signal Peptide British Medicine
SP systolic pressure Computer Software
SP Service Pack Military and Defence
SP Source Program Medical
SP Spleen British Medicine
SP spectrophotometry Military and Defence
SP Security Pack Organization

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