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STD stands for - Schäffer the Darklord in People

There may be one or more meaning of STD , so check all meanings of STD in the STD data table all one by one.

What is STD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of STD in Hinid is शॉफ़र द डार्कलॉर्ड

All STD Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
STD Some Thing Duh Internet Slang
STD State Transition Diagram Graphics File File Type
STD Santo Domingo Airport Code
STD Banco Santander Cent Hispano NYSE Symbol
STD state transition diagram Government
STD Sigma Tau Delta Misc
STD Skin Test Dose Physiology
STD Shoot The Dummy Law
STD Subscriber Trunk Dialling Telecom
STD Sao Tome Dobra Currency
STD shoot them down Government
STD Simplified Trellis Decoder Computer and Networking
STD Mayor Buenaventura Vivas airport Regional Airport Code
STD Snails Taste Delicious Funny
STD Standard Deviation Mathematics
STD SATROD Indian Railway Station
STD Security Tools Distribution Computer Security
STD Sacrae Theologiae Doctor Academic Degree
STD Shuttle Test Director Space Science
STD Synthetic Training Device Military
STD Short Term Disability US Government
STD Sweet Translucent Dreams Internet Slang
STD Soft Touch Denial Internet Slang
STD Stop The Disease Funny
STD Secondary Telecom District Telecommunication
STD Subscriber Trunk Dialing Telecom
STD Salinity Ocean Science
STD Temperature Government
STD and Depth Media
STD subscriber trunk dialer Pertaining to Dogs
STD Selling The Drama Military
STD Started Trial Dog Transportation
STD Standard Space Science
STD Severe Tire Damage Country Currency
STD Standard Transmission Difficulties Military
STD Dobra File Extension
STD Software Test Description Funny
STD LocoScript Standard Military
STD Super Toddler Drool Business Position
STD Synthetic Training Devices Regional Airport Code
STD Saves The Day Disease
STD Santo Domingo Computer Assembly
STD Venezuela Government
STD Sexualy Transmited Disease Texting
STD Set Direction Flag Computer Technology
STD system training device Physiology
STD Save The Date Other
STD Software Test Document Academic Degree

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Q ) What is the full form of STD in People ?
Q ) What does STD stand for?
Q ) Is STD acronym or abbreviation?
Q ) Full Details of STD
Q ) What is the full form of STD in Hindi?

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