What is the Full Form of TDS? - TDS Full Form

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TDS stands for - transaction driven system

There may be one or more meaning of TDS , so check all meanings of TDS in the TDS data table all one by one.

What is TDS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of TDS in Hinid is लेन-देन संचालित प्रणाली

All TDS Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
TDStransaction driven systemGovernment
TDSTraining Depot StationMilitary and Defence
TDSTechnical Design SpecificationsSoftwares
TDSTrue Dimensional SoundMedia
TDSTeam Data ServerNetworking
TDSThe David SchoolOrganization
TDSTechnology Demonstration SatelliteSpace Science
TDSTriangulation Data StructureMathematics
TDSThermal Desorption SpectroscopyElectronics
TDSThe Dalton SchoolOrganization
TDStactical data stationGovernment
TDSTokyo Disney SeaBusiness Firm
TDSTotal Dissolved SaltsOcean Science
TDSTactical Data SystemMilitary
TDStape duplication systemGovernment
TDSTelephone & Data SystemsAMEX Symbol
TDSTabular Data StreamMilitary
TDSThe Drunk SnipersMilitary and Defence
TDSTradoc Documentation SystemGovernment
TDStraining development studyGovernment
TDStotal distribution systemBusiness Firm
TDSTelephone and Data SystemsSpace Science
TDSTest Data SystemBusiness Firm
TDStechnical data systemGovernment
TDSTechnical Database ServicesBusiness Product
TDStracking and data systemComputer Security
TDSTechnical Data SheetMilitary and Defence
TDSThe Death SquadPhysiology
TDSTrojan Defense SuiteLibrary
TDSTraining Device SystemGovernment
TDSTotal Dissolved SolidsComputing
TDSTraverse des Sioux Library SystemGovernment
TDStest data sheetOther
TDSTex Directory StructureElectronics
TDStime-domain spectroscopyAccounting
TDSTraverse des SiouxElectronics
TDSTransient Discriminating SurgeSoftwares
TDSTax Deduction at SourceFile Extension
TDSTransient Discriminating SuppressorGovernment
TDSTrojan Defense SystemsBusiness Firm
TDSTurbo Debugger Symbol tableMilitary and Defence
TDStime distribution systemGovernment
TDSTripod Data SystemsAccounting
TDSTemperature Detection SystemOther
TDStarget designation systemComputer Assembly Language
TDStarget designation sightGovernment
TDSTotal Debt ServiceOrganization
TDSThe Daily ShowScience Fiction
TDSTrash Data SegmentChemistry
TDStranslation and docking simulatorOther
TDSTexas Defender ServiceGovernment
TDSThe Dark SoldiersGovernment

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