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TR stands for - Technical Requirement

There may be one or more meaning of TR , so check all meanings of TR in the TR data table all one by one.

What is TR Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of TR in Hinid is तकनीकी आवश्यकता

All TR Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
TRTechnical RequirementMilitary
TRTransmitter / ReceiverElectronics
TRtraining requirementGovernment
TRTest ReportMilitary
TRTable RowComputer Database
TRTripuraIndian State
TRtraining reviewGovernment
TRTechnical ReviewSpace Science
TRTechnical RecommendationMilitary and Defence
TRTransmit Receive ReletypeMilitary and Defence
TRTurkishRegional 2 Letter LanguageCode
TRTransportation ResearchTransportation
TRtamper resistantOther
TRTest RequestSpace Science
TRtraining reportGovernment
TRtime-delay relayGovernment
TRTeam RocketSports
TRTungavalu RegionOrganization
TRTechnical Requirements (TIA committee)Computer and Networking
TRTotally RejectedInternet Slang
TRTechnical ReportMilitary
TRTurn RedTransportation
TRTraining RoutineMilitary and Defence
TRTexas RigOther
TRTransmit ReadyComputer and Networking
TRTotal ReservesMilitary and Defence
TRTelstra ResearchBusiness Firm
TRTabula RasaOrganization
TRTechnical ReleaseAccounts and Finance
TRTrial RecordLaw
TRThrust ReverserSpace Science
TRTop RankOther
TRtheater reserveGovernment
TRTracorGovernment Supplier
TRTrust ReceiptAccounts and Finance
TRTeddy RooseveltPopular
TRTeam ReadOrganization
TRterminal readyGovernment
TRTotal RevenueAccounting
TRtest request, 21Government
TRtransient responseGovernment
TRtransportation request,Government
TRTurbo Debugger for Dos Session-state Settings FileFile Type
TRTactical ReconnaissanceMilitary
TRtransportability reportGovernment
TRUnformatted Manual Page (roff/nroff/troff/groff)File Type
TRTime To RetrofireSpace Science
TRTaste ReceptorPhysiology
TRTakers Or ReceiversSports
TRTemporal ReferenceComputer and Networking
TRTarget RifleMilitary
TRactical reconnaissanceGovernment
TRTARUIndian Railway Station
TRTransportation RequestSpace Science
TRThat's RightSMS
TRText RevisionMedia
TRTootsie Roll Industries, Inc.NASDAQ Symbol
TRtracking radarGovernment
TRTransit and RefersMilitary and Defence
TRToken RingOther
TRTax RateUS Government
TRtransaction registerGovernment
TRTelecommunications RoomComputer and Networking
TRComite de solidarite Tiers-mondeOrganization
TRTRADOC regulationGovernment
TRTransmitter ReceiverElectronics
TRTrouble ReportMilitary
TRTechnical ReferenceUniversity
TRTime ReactorPhysics Related
TRTape RecorderNASA

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