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TT stands for - ANSI Translation Type in Computer and Networking

There may be one or more meaning of TT , so check all meanings of TT in the TT data table all one by one.

What is TT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of TT in Hinid is एएनएसआई अनुवाद प्रकार

All TT Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
TT ANSI Translation Type Computer and Networking
TT Transitron Government Supplier
TT Tee Time Sports
TT Tennessee Tuxedo Popular
TT Talk Time Accounting
TT Teens for Tomorrow Organization
TT Test Tube Chemistry
TT Tanrey Trust Organization
TT Tatar Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode
TT teletypewriter Government
TT Tree Trunk Botany
TT Twana Twitu Organization
TT Time-tagged Space Science
TT Torsion Twist Physics Related
TT Treatment Technique Physiology
TT The Tree Accounting
TT Think Together Organization
TT Tag Type Database Management
TT Terrain Type Military and Defence
TT Terry's Toy Funny
TT Teletype Text Computer Assembly Language
TT Text Telephone Telecom
TT Tomas Tomas Organization
TT Tap-Tap Organization
TT Terrible Twins Internet Slang
TT Transverse Traceless Maths
TT Tutshill Tornados Sports
TT test temperature Government
TT Tongue Twister Funny
TT Taleemforall Trust Organization
TT Tetanus Toxoid Medical
TT Tournament Terrors Sports
TT Tenure Track University
TT Tiny Telephone Telecom
TT The Tube Media
TT Think Twice Organization
TT TITTE Indian Railway Station
TT Two Towers Geology
TT Travel Team Sports
TT Telegraphic Transfer International Business
TT True Type Other
TT Technical Test Military
TT technical team Government
TT Too Tight Job Title
TT Township Treasurer Government
TT timing and telemetry Sports
TT Track and Trail Stock Exchange
TT Trade Type Transportation
TT Travel Trailer Government
TT threat transmitter Computing
TT Trouble Ticket Government
TT Toronto Trek Sports
TT team terminal Organization
TT Table-Tennis Military and Defence
TT Tuwafikie Tanzania Military
TT Tank Table Mathematics
TT Torpedo Tube Space Science
TT Truth Table Organization
TT Total Temperature Internet Slang
TT Top This Transportation
TT Trinidad and Tobago Community
TT Twin Turbo Physiology
TT Tourist Trophy Funny
TT Thrombin time Electronics
TT Telecom Tom Military and Defence
TT Technology Transfer Organization
TT Terminal Transfer Science Fiction
TT Tapestry in Talent Technology
TT Teen Titans US Government
TT Turn Technology Organization
TT Think Tank Database Management
TT Thana Trust Job Title
TT Transaction Table Internet Slang
TT Tractor Truckinjobs Government
TT Totally Terrific Military and Defence
TT terminal timing Sports
TT Transfer Type Organization
TT Time Trial Sports
TT Third Thursdays Computer Hardware
TT Touring Trophy Government
TT Techno Terminal Physiology
TT troop test Chemistry
TT Total Time Toastmaster
TT Thermal Transfer Other
TT Table Topics Government
TT Template Toolkit Military
TT turn time Government
TT Teletype Military and Defence
TT typewriter text Telecom
TT Task Type Government
TT Touch Tone Misc
TT tracking telescope Community
TT toilet tissue Space Science

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Q ) What is the full form of TT in Hindi?

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