What is the Full Form of UFO? - UFO Full Form

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UFO stands for - Un-Finished Object

There may be one or more meaning of UFO , so check all meanings of UFO in the UFO data table all one by one.

What is UFO Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of UFO in Hinid is अन-तैयार वस्तु

All UFO Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
UFOUn-Finished ObjectPerforming Art
UFOUniversal Format OutputterSoftwares
UFOUn- Funded ObligationUS Government
UFOUlead File for Objects (Ulead PhotoImpact)File Extension
UFOUndrinkable Fleischmanns ObscenityFunny
UFOUnleaded Fuel OnlyTransportation
UFOUn Filtered OfferingComputer Security
UFOUlead File for Objects ( Ulead Photoimpact)File Type
UFOUHF (Government
UFOUnderground Funk OperativesFunny
UFOUnderground Freak OutFunny
UFOUFO Moviez India LimitedNSE Company Symbol
UFOUnidentified Flying ObjectMiscellaneous
UFOUnknown Form ObjectComputer Database
UFOUndeniably Fanciful ObservationFunny
UFOUsb Firewire OrganizerComputer Networking
UFOUnderestimated Flying OsmondFunny
UFOTanimlanmamis UçAn NesneTurkish
UFOUnidentified Foul OdorFunny
UFOUncontrollable Fergie ObsessionFunny
UFOUltra Freak OutMilitary
UFOUnbearable Flatulent OdorPhysiology
UFOUltra-fast OpticsElectronics
UFOUndercover Fencing OperationLaw
UFOUnlimited Financial OpportunityStock Exchange
UFOUltrahigh Frequency Follow-onMilitary and Defence
UFOUnbelievable Financial OpportunityStock Exchange
UFOUnidentified Fur ObjectFunny
UFOUniversity Finance OfficeUniversity
UFOUnidentified Flying Odd-ballFunny
UFOUnidentified Flashing ObjectFunny
UFOUnidentified Function of ....Softwares
UFOUnknownMilitary and Defence
UFOand OverlookedComputing
UFOUser Friendly OdorlessFunny

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